Best Gaming Laptops 2017

best gaming laptop 2017The gaming world has evolved extraordinarily over the years. Every year, we experience the release of new and improved games featuring better graphics, models, textures and, where applicable, an improved user interface. But all that glitters is not gold. Increasing these qualities will also increase the laptop hardware requirements. We’ve discovered seven great gaming laptops we think should be shared with you.


What to consider?

Finding a gaming laptop that suits all your needs can be challenging. There are hundreds of laptops on the market, making it hard to choose which one to buy. We will be providing you with a list of factors that should be taken into account when buying a gaming laptop which should help you narrow down your choices!

  • Resolution – Do not buy any laptops with a resolution less than 1920 x 1080. This resolution has become very standard nowadays so anything less could end up disappointing you depending on the games you decide to play. New laptops will have 4k panels and will have a much clearer picture (they have become increasingly popular).
  • CPU – The constant amount of calculations being made by the CPU every millisecond makes it one of the most important hardware components in a laptop. For a gaming laptop, stick with Intel. Anything else won’t be able to handle CPU intensive games such as Battlefield.
  • RAM – The CPU and RAM work together. The CPU will store program memory (in this case from our games) in the RAM. Because of this, the minimum recommended amount of RAM for intensive games is 8GB.
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) – The most important component which processes data from a game and displays it on your screen. Again, demanding games will require a powerful GPU. As a minimum, you should use Geforce GTX 850M.

The 7 Best Gaming Laptops 2017

1. Acer Predator Helios 300

best gaming laptop 2017


This 15.6-inch laptop is perfect for a gamer who requires constant high performance throughout intense gaming sessions. Its sleek design and style gives the impression that no matter the place and time, the Acer Predator is ready. If you think its style looks fantastic, the actual laptop surface feels beautiful. Acer are one of the few companies who decided not to cut out the GTX 1060 graphics card, intensifying the already amazing specs allowing the gamer to virtually run any game with high settings. You would be getting value for money with this fantastic laptop.

2. Alienware 15

best gaming laptop 2017


You simply cannot have a “Best X gaming laptops” article without featuring an Alienware laptop. This monster of a computer provides the latest generation Intel processor allowing you to indulge yourself in an unimaginable gaming experience. Envision a stunning LCD screen combined with impressive audio powered by Klipsch and Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi technology. This laptop has been tested to its absolute physical limits. As Dell say: “We test hard so you can game hard”.

3. Acer Aspire VX 15

best gaming laptop 2017


This eye-catching 15.6-inch laptop by Acer has an innovative and modern look to it. It is obvious Acer have invested a lot of time and effort in its design, ensuring it’s the best it could possibly be. The laptop provides an advanced cooling system in order to keep your hardware cool throughout intense gaming sessions. Thanks to the great booting up time, you will be able to run your games within seconds. Taking the aforementioned facts and its price into consideration, you would be getting value for money. In the rare case that you wouldn’t be satisfied with your purchase, you also have easy access to the hardware in order to upgrade different components such as RAM or SSD.

4. Elektro Pro

best gaming laptop 2017BUY NOW

These guys may be new to the market but have so far failed to disappoint. Contrary to typical retail laptops, you will find no bloatware on this speedy and responsive system. The 17.3-inch laptop’s 7th generation Core i7 CPU works together with 16GB of RAM where, in case you want to add even more RAM, an empty slot is provided (you don’t see that too often with laptops!).  With this superb set of hardware, you should be able to run most games with high settings. When you’re not feeling in the mood for gaming, its specially designed 17.3-inch HD IPS anti-glare display makes it ideal for catching up on Netflix episodes!  To add onto the features of this excellent laptop, it is designed with extensive security technologies including a fingerprint reader and a Kensington lock making it an extremely secure and reliable system.

5. Dell Inspironbest gaming laptop 2017BUY NOW

On the affordable end of the gaming laptop spectrum we have another strong and powerful laptop by Dell. Allow yourself to be immersed by the Waves MaxxAudio Pro sound system which includes a built in subwoofer. Even if you are frequently moving from one place to another with no power source, this laptop is able to power your best games for extended periods of time thanks to its powerful battery. It has a life of its own!


5. ROG Strixbest gaming laptop 2017 BUY NOW

This 15.6-inch laptop is within the top range of low weight systems. It is ideal for gamers who require an easy to carry and lightweight (but powerful) laptop prepared to run any demanding game from Crysis to GTA V. Its 512GB SSD allows you to quickly store and load readily available applications while the 1TB HDD is ideal if you are looking to store large games, projects and media such as movies and music.

6. MSI Apache Pro

best gaming laptop 2017


With twice as much RAM compared to the other laptops posted above, this laptop provides a very comfortable environment for gamers who are also heavy multitaskers, intensive web surfing (surf-aholics!) or require some efficient video editing. On top of this, a total of 6 heat pipes provide a maximum level of performance throughout intense gaming sessions. The keyboard has a smooth feel to it with the option to also modify its custom colours. You could change it depending on the time of the day or depending on your current mood!


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