Best Laptop Dust Cleaners 2017

Best Laptop Dust Cleaners

One of the most overlooked sources of dust and dirt sits right in front of you – your laptop. Unfortunately, a dirty laptop can have serious consequences on its performance. A build up in dust can cause the laptop to heat up thus slowing down your processor (making your laptop run slower). How long this takes depends on the environment as well as other contributing factors such as cigarette smoke. Obviously, eating at the computer and risking crumbs falling into the keyboard doesn’t help either! We have gathered the following dust cleaners (canned air alternatives) which we believe are worth your attention.

What Makes A Good Laptop Dust Cleaner?

  • Power – Your dust cleaner will either be a vacuum or air blower (or both). You want a vacuum to have a strong suction and an air blower to have a powerful impeller blowing air out at extremely high speeds. You’ll cover more surfaces spending less time going over the same spot.
  • Portability – Portability is one of the most important,  but often overlooked, features. It should be easy to move around, facilitating the cleaning task at hand. This implies that the appliance should be light and manoeuvrable. A cordless appliance would improve manoeuvrability (although a cordless appliance could have reduced power compared to a corded appliance).
  • Accessories – The dust cleaner should be equipped with additional tools to be used in special circumstances. For example, you would want a special attachment to remove dust particles between your keyboard keys.
  • Simple – There is no point in producing an appliance with a hundred different features when the consumer doesn’t know how to use it. The dust cleaner should be simple to operate making the cleaning job much easier.


The 6 Best Laptop Dust Cleaners (Canned Air Alternatives) 2017

1. Metro Vacuum ED500PBest Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

Metro Vacuum is longer lasting, more effective and cost efficient compared to traditional canned air. The appliance offers easy functionality making it very simple to operate. Its powerful 500 Watt motor will ensure that any dust bunnies within your laptop are blown away within seconds! You can make use of a range of different nozzles, from cleaning small areas using the finer nozzles to cleaning larger areas using the flared nozzle. You’ll be surprised how much dust lives inside your computer so we suggest you use the vacuum outside using the very long and sturdy cord that comes with the appliance.

2. EasyGo CompuCleaner

Best Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

Have you ever struggled to remove debris from the tiny gaps between your keyboard keys? If so, EasyGo CompuCleaner will make your life way easier. Use the air blowers’ high pressure nozzle to blow out the debris from your keyboard or send air deep into your laptop to reveal a cloud of dust you never knew existed! If the pressure is too strong you can even switch to a lower pressure setting to target areas which don’t require such powerful air flow. Switch between the multiple accessories the EasyGo CompuCleaner to access the tightest of spots. Its power makes it superior to compressed air cans and cordless vacuums, making it a buyer’s favorite!

3. DataVac ProBest Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

The DataVac Pro is a strong, steel built computer vacuum/blower manufactured in the United States. It comes with paper waste bags which you can throw away once full, making it a very convenient appliance to use. A regular dust cleaner typically only has the air blowing functionality, blowing dust elsewhere. DataVac Pro saves you this hassle by not letting the dust get away in the first place thanks to its vacuum. If you ever find yourself thinking the blower would be more convenient to use (if you’re outdoors, for example) then you have the option to switch between the vacuum and blower setting. Once you’ve witnessed the efficiency and speed of the DataVac Pro you’ll be trying to get rid of your USB vacuum cleaner! Its 19-inch flexible hose will help you reach all your components while the crevice tool and soft-bristle air brush will help you reach hard-to-access areas. If you’re finding yourself stuck with a specific spot you can make use of the four-piece micro cleaning tool kit. The all-in-one duster/vacuum provides such a large variety of options to battle the tiniest particles of dust, dirt, hair, debris or paper shreds by using the attachments making it a very convenient product to clean and maintain your laptop.

4. XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pr0Best Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

The XPOWER Airrow has a great durable feel to it while being extremely lightweight. The nozzle comes with holes on the side due to how powerful the pressure is, in order to keep them from blowing off the base. If you would like an even higher pressure, you can change the pressure setting or cover the nozzle holes. This great piece of equipment might get a bit addicting – once you’re done with your laptop, you’ll be looking for other objects you can blow dust off like your ceiling fans, your car or hard-to-reach areas. No matter what you decide to clean, one of the 8 different nozzle attachments will come in handy. If you find that you’ve been using it for longer than usual, the product comes with a thermal shutdown feature meaning that once it gets too hot, it will automatically turn itself off to cool down.

5. The O2 HurricaneBest Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

The O2 Hurricane stands out compared to other computer dusters in the market due to being cordless and rechargeable providing much more room for flexibility. The fact that this product is equal to over 1000 cans of compressed air provides a good and fast return of investment. The appliance has a very similar size to canned air and will last much longer without shutting down due to overheating. With hundreds of hours of cleaning time your laptop should be clean and clear of dust for a very long time!

6. Canless Air X3 HurricaneBest Laptop Dust CleanersBUY NOW

The X3 Hurricane is ideal if you are looking for the best of the best. It is superior to its sibling product, the O2 hurricane, thanks to its increased power which allows it to clean virtually any appliance in your household. Similarly, it includes a rechargeable battery (so no required cord) which powers an impeller spinning at over 45,000 RPM. The air flowing through this impeller is blown out the nozzle at extremely high speeds (the appliance can run at this setting for up to 15 minutes) allowing you to clean your most sensitive electronics. In the case that you encounter challenging surfaces or hard-to-access areas you can switch between attachments (this includes a brush accessory).


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