Best Laptop Stands For Bed 2017

Best Laptop Stands For Bed 2017

A couple of months ago we learned we were using our laptops in a risky and potentially harmful way. We were astounded to learn how using your laptop in bed can have hurtful effects on your health AND on the laptops performance. We will explain how and why you should use a laptop stand for lying in bed.



Why should you use a laptop stand?

  • Neck & back pain – Using your laptop in bed can not only affect the laptops health but can also affect yours. Spending several hours hunched over your laptop can lead to added tension on your neck’s muscular and skeletal structure leading to neck strain. The last thing you want to do is end your day by risking added tension to your back and neck. A laptop stand will raise a laptop screen to eye level, relieving tension from your back and neck.
  • Laptop overheating – Placing your laptop on something it can sink into (e.g. a pillow or blanket) can block the cooling fans causing insufficient cooling and overheating your laptop. In the long run, this can have detrimental effects on your internal hardware and could even permanently damage your battery. A laptop stand avoids this by providing a hard physical surface which allows for cooling (many stands come with built in cooling stands plugged into the USB).
  • Potentially damaging sperm – A common question among men: “Can a laptop make you sterile?”. The quick answer: We don’t know. A study by State University of New York researchers found that the way a male user balances the laptop on their lap can cause an increase in temperature in the area which could potentially put sperm count at risk. Is it worth risking? Big NO from us!
  • Safer from drink spills – Due to the elevation provided by the stand, your laptop is essentially safe from liquid damage when you accidentally spill your drink over your desk.

What to look for in a laptop stand?

  • Adjustable – the distance raised by the laptop stand to eye level will vary from person to person so it is imperative that the laptop stand is fully adjustable. In the case that you travel a lot, you want it to be collapsible and highly portable.
  • Light weight – if you are going to be travelling, the last thing you want to deal with is the burden of carrying a heavy laptop stand.
  • USB Cooling Fan – one of the benefits for your laptop is that it prevents it from overheating. This can be made easier using a USB cooling fan. By using your USB as a power source, the laptop stand will further cool down your computer.
  • Multipurpose – On top of using your laptop stand in bed, you may find you want to use it for your work desk. This would help improve your overall posture and aid in avoiding any neck and back strain caused by excessive laptop use.

 The Best Laptop Stands For Bed 2017

1. Executive Office SolutionsBest Laptop Stands For Bed 2017BUY NOW

The ergonomic Executive Office Solutions laptop stand allows you to adjust the stand in so many different ways making it impossible to not find your ideal laptop desk position. The stand requires minimum effort to manoeuvre and, once you find your position, it locks right into place! You are able to read or watch movies on your bed without having to needlessly stack pillows (which can overheat your laptop!) or having to change your body’s position in order to get the screen at an appropriate level. The USB powered cooling fans will quietly keep your laptop refreshed. You may find yourself taking advantage of all its multiple uses; from using the laptop stand on your work desk to removing the laptop from entirely and using the stand as a TV dinner tray or book tray!

2. RoostBest Laptop Stands For Bed 2017BUY NOW

Roost offers a slick and subtle design to the laptop stand capable of carrying virtually any laptop weight. Its incredibly light weight and easiness to pack up and travel with makes it ideal for frequent travellers. Together with its carry pouch, you can avoid the ultra portable laptop stand from scratching other devices or getting caught on cables. Once your laptop is locked into place, the stand is extremely sturdy and stable. Its rubber padding does an excellent job in avoiding any unwanted scratches and preventing the laptop from slipping away.

3. UrboBest Laptop Stands For Bed 2017BUY NOW

The Urbo laptop stand was made especially for users looking to watch out for their health and looking to say goodbye to sore necks and back aches thanks to the great range of heights you can elevate the laptop through. If you own a standing desk, the Urbo product gives you the option to switch between standing and sitting positions. The stand weighs a mere 6 oz and is able to support laptops upto 22 lbs (most laptops out there!). The fact that the stand does an excellent job in elevating the laptop when you work and readily folds up to travel with you makes it an excellent fit for travellers.

4. Rain Design mStandBest Laptop Stands For Bed 2017BUY NOW

The Rain Design laptop stand provides an optimal adjustable height and, in the case that you do not have a portable keyboard, an ideal angle for typing. Rest assured, the laptop mount’s sturdiness with get rid of any worries you have about the mount wobbling while you type.  The stand has been a popular product among Mac users. Its elegant curves together with your Apple laptop makes the setup look nothing short of spectacular! It is compatible with ALL sizes of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro on top of fitting most 14-inch standard PCs and 15-inch widescreen PC.

5. AvantreeBest Laptop Stands For Bed 2017BUY NOW

The Avantree multi functional laptop workstation makes working from your bed a pleasure. Here are a few other handy uses for it:

  1. Laptop tray for bed
  2. Breakfast in bed tray
  3. Serve food at a party
  4. TV tray for snacking
  5. Book stand
  6. Laptop table for couch

As you can see, it would be pretty hard to run out of things to use the stand for. When you’re done using it for the day, it is as simple as folding it up and tucking it away. Its simple design and versatile functionality makes it very easy to find the precise adjustment for your specific task.


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