Eye-Catching, High-Performance Gold Chassis Laptops

A gold laptop is the height of luxury – slick, sleek, and ultra-chic, with stand-out-in-a-crowd appeal. Most big brands have at least one gold colored laptop, and like the majority of unusual chassis, they sell like hot buns.

With the addition of a transparent protective laptop cover, the gold is still highly visible and yet your laptop will keep safe and damage-free.

But whatever type of laptop you’re thinking about, what should you consider when buying a gold laptop?

  • Processor: a good rule of thumb is to look for a 2GHz processor; however if you are a fan of power-hungry games you may want to consider closer to 3GHz
  • SSD: a solid-state hard drive offers decent load times, whilst being able to withstand all but the worst knocks and bumps
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM is perfect for the average user, however, 8 or 16 provides more spaceBattery: think about how you plan to use your laptop and whether you’ll spend hours away from a power point
  • Screen size: more screen space is always going to be welcome, although a larger size may be heavier to carry around or use on the move

Based on all of these criteria, we’ve selected the top 3 gold laptops available on the market today. Check them out!

1. Apple MacBook Air Gold

Apple’s MacBook Air 2023 has some startling improvements compared to the previous version. The iconic MacBook Air look, weight, and Apple colors remain but there are more changes than what meets the eye.

As far as hardware changes, Apple finally replaced their infamous butterfly keyboards with their magic keyboard, for better experience while writing or chatting. No more complaining about that mushy feeling keyboard!

Under the hood is where most major changes were made. Compared to the old Air model, the newer Air has twice the amount of storage. The base model stands at 265 GB of storage and runs on an Intel Core i3 processor. For the casual user, who uses a laptop to surf the web and type up a few documents—this sleek and chic laptop is definitely perfect.

If you’re someone who needs a little more power on their laptop, maybe for photo editing, video editing, or even gaming, the Air comes in different and more capable variations. For a heftier price you can upgrade to the i5 processor, or even the i7 processor.

The only complaint users have is the laptop’s short battery life, but the quick and solid performance easily makes up for that.

Overall, the MacBook Air 2023 is a reliable and beautiful laptop, the iconic minimalist design and processing power is perfect for work when you’re on the go.

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2. HP Pavilion 17.3 Inch Touchscreen Laptop

The HP Pavilion has definitely been a reliable model for many students and working folk out there. With the new model’s 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB SSD storage is the perfect marriage of power and portability (well, sort of.) The laptop has a 17.3 inch screen which is relatively big compared to the size of the average laptop screen. This might make it a tad bit harder to lug around daily. Although with these powerful specs, the laptop is perfect for artists and gamers on the go who have to run memory consuming applications.

This laptop is definitely worth the price. Running on and Intel 4-Core i5-8265U processor, with tons of memory for file storage and data.

Not to forget that this model is touchscreen! The Pavilion has great touch response compared to older touch screen laptops, feeling almost like a smartphone.

If you need a heavy duty laptop that’s fast, spacious, and has a large, easy to view screen (and comes in gold!) then The HP Pavilion 17.3 Inch Touchscreen Laptop might be the model for you.

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3. Dell Inspiron 17 17.3″ HD+ Touchscreen Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 17 is, at the base model, powered by an Intel core i5-processor and packed with 12 GB RAM. The Inspiron 17 comes in three more variations all for processor and RAM upgrades, in case you plan to do some heavy gaming or photo and video editing.

Powerful and large, you wouldn’t expect this laptop to be a hybrid.  The screen is 17.3 inches in width with flexible hinges, and the screen folds over so you can make the most out of its touch screen feature.

The screen is Full HD with a resolution of 1920×1080 donning a glossy finish screen, which makes it better for indoor use. The color reproduction on the screen is great, making it good for artists and photographers or those who have to be particular with color accuracy.

The Inspiron is hard hitting, well designed and hefty. This is about as sleek as a 17 inch laptop can get! The model is not extremely portable, but easy enough to bring around when needed. The model proves to have versatility, showing how well it can be used ways and modes.

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