Our Favorite 15.6 Inch Laptop Cases of 2023

Laptops – we take them everywhere with us, for work and for play, many of us don’t leave the house without our trusty, dependable laptops. This means that our devices are subjected to all manner of risks, from being dropped to being stolen, and a laptop case has become a necessity.

As cases are size specific, a 15.6’’ laptop case should fit your mid sized laptop perfectly. But, what else should you consider when looking for a good laptop case?

What to look for when buying a new 15.6’’ laptop case?

  • Durability: The material must be durable, with double stitching and reinforced corners to withstand knocks and scuffs.
  • Weather resistance: The laptop case should be designed to keep its contents dry in the worst rain storm.
  • Security: The zippers should be designed to allow the insertion of a padlock, or should have locks already incorporated.
  • Comfort: The case should be comfortable enough to carry for hours if necessary.
  • Value for money: Laptop Den consider every feature and, taking into account the price tag, decide if a particular case offers value for money.

Our featured laptop cases have all survived our tough and challenging tests to prove themselves the best of the best. Why not have a look through to find your new 15.6’’ laptop case?

1) Black Laptop Shoulder Bag

This Amazon Basics Laptop Bag is perfect for your mid-sized laptop, but is also available in other sizes. Variations range from 7 inches to 17.3 inches, which means you’ll definitely be able to find something to keep your computer safe.

The looks of this laptop may be non-descript, but that won’t stop it from doing its job.  This laptop bag has three sections accessible from the outside and multiple pockets and dividers.

The laptop can hold some additional items to, eliminating the need to carry around an extra bag or purse to work or school. This laptop bag does the job for an exceptionally reasonable price.

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2) Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

This Naukay Laptop sleeve is a snug fit for the average 15.6-inch laptop. The sleeve hugs the laptop well, providing  extra protection against items in your bag, as well as bumps and scuffs.

The sleeve is comprised of several layers, the outer layer protecting from dust and debris and rejecting any liquids that might come in contacts with it. The inner layer provides smooth padded comfort for your laptop wherever you take it. This case is made to be durable but slim, making sure to fit cozily into your bag or suitcase.

The Naukay Laptop Sleeve also comes in many different colors, and smaller sizes, so you can customize and personalize your case to your taste.

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as of March 27, 2023 7:45 am

3) Water-Repellent Laptop Shoulder Bag

This water repellent Lenovo laptop shoulder bag has a simple and sleek design, sure to be able to match up with your look whether that be for work, school, or just a casual day out.

This laptop bag has room for many more items, and compartments for them as well. You can bring your phone, wallet, and other necessities in this laptop carrier without worrying about bringing another bag or purse.

The laptop can be carried over the shoulder with the included shoulder strap, carried like a suitcase using the handles, or even slipped over the handle of your luggage for long hauls.

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4) Water-Repellent Laptop Sleeve With Carrying Handle

The Lacdo protective laptop sleeve is fitted with a handle so you can slip it in your bag or carry it around on its own. This laptop sleeve has a chic, fashionable design with textured exterior and a high contrast handle. The laptop comes in several different colors to match your look.

The interior is soft and padded, protecting your laptop from scratches on the inside, and shock and bumps on the outside. Several pockets are accessible from the outside, providing space for important accessories and other slim gadgets.

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5) 15 inch Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

This Amazon Basics 15.6 Laptop sleeve is sleek, and simple. With no handles or straps, this chic sleeve is sure to slip perfectly into your bag or suitcase. It will also provide protection from bumps, scruffs, and scratches. The outer neoprene lining is certain to protect against any accidental liquid spillage or unprecedented rain storms.

The inside is soft and padded, holding your laptop snug and in place while the outside protects it from dirt and debris. Since this sleeve is top-loading your laptop is easily accessible from inside your bag, suitcase, or even if you’re carrying it around on its own.

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6) Tomtoc Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

The Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag’s solid construction  will undoubtedly protect your laptop from thumps and blows. The patented CornerArmor technology provides extra protection from potential accidents, and reinforces the bag’s structure.

The laptop bag has several pockets on the outside for carrying essentials like your phone, wallet and planner. This case can work as a bag on its own with a handle and shoulder strap, or be slipped into a larger bag and act as a sleeve when needed.

There is no doubt that this Tomtoc bag’s solid design will keep your laptop safe from rain and potential trauma.

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7) ProCase Laptop Sleeve and Carrying Case

This slim ProCase laptop is definitely going to match your look, available in several colors that are either monochromatic or fitted with contrasting accents. Suited with  a carrying strap, this laptop sleeve can be used on its own or slipped into a bag. Aside from coming in several colors the sleeve also comes in varying sizes for smaller laptops and goes up to 15.6 inches.

The soft padding and lining on the inside guarantees protection against dust and dirt, as well as potential trauma or hits. With an accessible pocket on the outside the carrying case can hold additional accessories and essentials.

For business or casual use this ProCase sleeve is sure to keep your laptop protected while keeping you stylish!

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8) Multi-Functional Laptop Shoulder Bag

Qishare’s  Laptop Shoulder Bag is versatile with a removable shoulder strap, the bag can be donned and used in many ways. Wear it as a shoulder bag, hold it like a suitcase, or slip it into your bag like a laptop sleeve. With several pockets accessible from the outside, some protected by Velcro or zipper, you can organize your items and accessories however you please.

The laptop bag is available in several sizes up to 16 inches, as well as several chic colors to match your look! Made out of neoprene this case is sure to protect from rain or spills. The metal clasps that attach the shoulder strap are secure, and will not come undone during use.

Qishare 15 15.6 16 inch Laptop Case Laptop Shoulder Bag, Multi-functional Notebook Sleeve Carrying Case With Strap for Lenovo Acer Asus Dell Lenovo Hp Samsung Ultrabook Chromebook 15(Purple Lines)

Qishare 15 15.6 16 inch Laptop Case Laptop Shoulder Bag, Multi-functional Notebook Sleeve Carrying Case With Strap...


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Qishare 15 15.6 16 inch Laptop Case Laptop Shoulder Bag, Multi-functional Notebook Sleeve Carrying Case With Strap for Lenovo Acer Asus Dell Lenovo Hp Samsung Ultrabook Chromebook 15(Purple Lines)

9) Citoven 14 inch Laptop Sleeve

The Citoven Laptop sleeve is available in various sizes from 13 inches all the way up to 17.3 inches. Available in four monochromatic colors, this laptop case is professional looking, and makes sure you’re taken seriously.

With 5 protective layers making up the case it is sure to keep your laptop secure both from the inside and out. The case can be used alone, with a carrying handle and extra space for essentials and accessories, or as a laptop slip, where it can be easily stowed in a bag or backpack.

The Citoven Laptop Case is waterproof and is sure to protect your laptop from liquid, scuffs, dirt, and debris.

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10) Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag

The Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag is cute and fashionable option for a laptop carrying bag. Putting the fun in function, this colorful and printed laptop case keeps your laptop protected from dirt, debris, and scratches. The detachable shoulder strap offers versatility, which means it can be used alone, or as a laptop slip.

Offering three layers of protection, your device is sure to be safe from liquid, and potential trauma while hugging your laptop with a plush fleece.

If you’re in the market for a chic, exciting and especially functional laptop carrying bag, the Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag may be the one for you!

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