Our Pick Of The Top Laptop Cooling Pads

Any laptop, whatever the manufacturer or the size, can suffer from overheating, resulting in the whole thing potentially shutting down. Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but can, over time ruin your laptop.

Whether it’s because the laptop fan just cannot cope with everything you’re running, or it’s just not as efficient, or dust free, as it once was, either way, you’ll need to fix this problem.

Introducing the laptop cooling pad.

Most external cooling devices work by using multiple fans to cool the machine, increasing airflow around the chassis. Other cooling pads use heat resistant materials to draw the heat away; however, in our experience at Laptop Den, we consider the former to be the superior method, being quicker and more effective.

There are several points to consider when looking at laptop cooling pads:

  • Adaptability: The cooling pad should be just as portable and adaptable as the laptop itself
  • Quality: The build quality should be excellent
  • Ports: Some laptop cooling pads include extra ports
  • Volume: Excessive volume is a definite no-no
  • Design: The cooling pad should fit the size of your laptop accurately

We’ve thoroughly tried and tested our featured laptop cooling pads to ensure all these factors and more, and because we’ve done the hard work, you don’t have to. Have a look through our choices, in the sure knowledge that every cooling pad here is exceptional.

1) Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

With five built-in fans, one large central fan (5.9″) and four smaller peripheral fans (2.76″), this cooling pad is surely equipped to keep your laptop’s temperatures at bay. The amount of fans may raise concern about the possible noise of the pad, but the cooler is impressively quiet.

The Kootek Cooling Pad also offers an adjustable slant with six varying heights at ergonomic angles, allowing relaxed wrists and optimal productivity for any activity you may need your laptop for. With this device keeping your laptop cool, there’s also no need to worry about running out of USB ports because the Kootek is fitted with two USB hubs.

To match your laptop, the cooler is available in two colors: black and white. Take note that this cooling pad is recommended for laptops of sizes 12″-17″.

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2) Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad

With the same format as the Kooltek Colling Pad, one large fan and four smaller ones, everything in the vicinity cools down quickly. The Aicheson Cooling pad can stand at four adjustable heights, offering a height for whatever task needs to be completed.

This laptop pad is fitted with two USB ports, giving back the USB port where it needs to be plugged into the laptop. The pad’s LED fan lights are offered in two colors: blue and red.

One thing to consider is that the fans and LED lights cannot be controlled independent of each other, which means if the fans are on, the lights are on as well. This may be a drawback for some, but all in all the pad does its job in keeping your machine comfortably cool.

3) PCCOOLER Laptop Cooling Pad

With an easily adjustable angle, five decently powerful fans, and a volume of less than 23 dB, there’s a lot to like about this cooler from PCCooler. The two USB ports provide ample charging possibilities and the well designed non-slip base provides a solidly reassuring experience.

The sturdy 17″ surface is perfect for cooling laptops of larger sizes. The PCCooler Cooling Pad’s fan speeds are adjustable for your needs, whether you want your laptop to be a little cooler during casual browsing, or desperately need that extra help while gaming or editing.

It’s no contest that all aspects of the fan were taken into consideration during this item’s creation. The PCCooler Cooling Pad is an efficient andf well-designed external addition to your workspace.

4) Topmate Gaming Laptop Cooler

Topmate has a high tech approach to laptop cooling. Five ultra-powerful fans keep your laptop running smoothly, the stand adjusts for comfort, and we like the little flap to prevent laptop slippage when at a steeper angle.

The LCD screen and touch controls allow you to instantly personalize the airflow, switching between the cooling modes. Although what must be taken into consideration is the pad’s size, as it is only recommended for laptops of 15.6″ size or smaller.

This laptop cooler can stand at fived different adjustable heights, suitable for work or play. It’s sleek design and adjustable wind speeds are great for keeping cool and looking cool!


5) Lamicall Slim Laptop Cooling Stand

Five fans spinning at speeds of 2200 RPM almost instantly cools you, your laptop, your coffee, and the neighbor’s dog. An adjustable angle allows you to use your laptop all day and remain ache-free, while the twin USB ports offer versatility. This model definitely deserves its place in our top 5.

This cooling pad only weighs 1.6 lbs. making it significantly smaller and lighter than other laptop cooling pads. This is great for keeping your laptop cool on the go!

The lights stay on when the fans are on, making the user aware that the cooling pad is active. Although smaller and recommended for laptops 15.6″ and below, it definitely does its job providing cool air for your laptop anywhere you go!

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