Our Favorite Asus Docking Stations of 2023

A decent docking station is more of a necessity than a want, and if you plan to use your machine on the go – and who doesn’t, it’s crucial that you can charge wherever and whenever. Many docking stations are universal, offering multi-model and multi-device charging, often at once, and all should charge quickly and efficiently. However, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for, so Laptop Den are here to help.

What to Look For in an Asus Docking Station

  • Instant Connectivity – this is an important factor which eliminates hassle and time spent waiting
  • Charging Options – Is the station designed for rapid multiple device charging?
  • Durability – If mobile, does it offer shock absorption features? And how effective are they?
  • Security – Are anti-theft measures incorporated?
  • Cabling – Is the cable an acceptable bandwidth? A USB 3.0, for example, provides 5000 Mbit/s

We have a range of docking stations available, with a variety of useful features, and each model is tested and retested for quality, value for money and functionality.

1) Asus Docking Station for B43 and B53

This docking station is a good addition to your Asus laptop if you own the B43 or B53 models. The docking station offers extra battery life, and ports, perfect for your home or office workspace to maximize connectivity and efficiency.

This docking port has VGI, HDMI, DVI ports that eliminates the need for several external adaptors and converters. But 0ne con is that this model is only compatible to Asus B43 and B53 Notebooks, being a dedicated docking station this cannot be used with any other Asus laptop models or laptop models of any other brand.

This docking station does add a bit of weight to the laptop, weighing in at about 4.35 pounds, this weighs almost as much as a laptop itself. This additional devices is probably better left at your home workspace or office, but is still a tremendously useful piece to own!

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2) Asus Transformer Pad

This transformer pad and docking station is suited for the Asus TF300T tablet. Available in several colors to match your tablet such as silver and blue. The transformer pad adds a satisfying tactile keyboard and smooth track pad, as well as supplying an astounding 5 additional hours of battery life to the tablet! To maximize the battery life, even when plugged in, the mobile dock starts charging the tablet only when it’s already at low power.

Being thin and light, this mobile docking station doesn’t add too much additional heft to your TF300T tablet. Weighing only 1.2 pounds, both your tablet and transformer pad will be an absolute breeze to take around.

The docking pad also allows for the use of a full sized USB port and SD card reader, to make transferring files, photos, and other media to your tablet extremely easy and manageable.

This mobile docking pad is definitely an amazing gadget for added versatility, access, and connectivity to your Asus tablet!

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3) USB Triple Display Docking Station

This Euasoo USB-C hub is the perfect all-in-one docking station, no more needing to worry about additional converters and adaptors. The sleek design might make it look simple, but it has so much more to offer than what initially meets the eye.

This device perfectly integrates a USB C hub and docking station featuring a Type-C port, two 4 K HDMI ports,  two extremely fast USB 3.0 Ports, two standard USB 2.0 Ports,  an Ethernet RJ-45 port, an SD card reader,  a TF card reader and  a 3. 5mm audio or mic 2-in-1 jack. What a mouthful! But this is just a testament to how integrated and versatile this docking station really is.

This hub only weighs 3.7 ounces, which is about 0.3 pounds, which means it’s perfect to bring around and ensure compatibility with almost all devices, or perfect just to leave at your home or office workspace. Imagine the amount of adaptors you can get rid of, not to mention how easy and simple cable management would be! The Euasoo USB-C hub is the textbook definition of an all-in-one device!

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