Our Pick Of The Best HP Gaming Laptops in 2023

Whether you’re saving the girl, the world, or the universe, dedicated gaming laptops need to offer something different from the regular everyday computer, and HP is renowned for delivering top-of-the-range machines.

Powerful graphics, superior displays, and all-encompassing audio effects come together to produce a fully immersive experience for the player. Often with stylish designs and super cool innovative features, an HP gaming laptop can take you all the way to peak performance.

So, what should you look for in an HP gaming laptop?

  • Drive: If you’re shopping for a regular laptop, a solid-state hard drive (SSD) is a wise choice, however, this is critical when looking for a gaming laptop. Delivering a rapid load time, they tend to be more robust than a standard hard drive, keep the laptop cooler due to a lower energy requirement
  • Screen size: For gaming at home you may find that bigger is definitely better and a 17 inch or above works well
  • Graphics Card: A dedicated graphics card is the way to go for demanding, image-rich games
  • Display: As a minimum, you need to look for a 1920×1080 display
  • RAM: For a gaming laptop, consider getting 8 GB, or more of RAM

Without further ado, here are our best HP gaming laptops on the market.

1. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a large 17-inch machine. Running on a 10th Generation Intel Core i5 and 8 GB RAM this is a decent laptop for gaming on the run. Of course in this day and age, more power is always available. If you’re willing to shell out a little bit more cash the laptop’s memory can be upgraded up to 32 GB.

The 17-inch screen has a 79% screen to body ratio, and the HP Micro-edge Full HD display providing narrower bezels will help you get the most out of the Pavilion Gaming’s massive screen size.

The only cause for concern for the users of this model is the storage, the laptop is only fitted with 256 GB SSD. So for a laptop like this, an external hard drive will definitely come in handy!

The laptop, weighing only 6.07 pounds, is relatively light for a 17-inch gaming laptop! So if you’re in the market for one, the HP Pavilion Gaming definitely suffices for the role of a powerful and portable machine.

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2. OMEN 17 Gaming Laptop

The OMEN 17 Gaming laptop is definitely a beast in its category. The laptop is commonly known for being able to replace desktop computers easily, while giving you the added bonus of portability! The OMEN 17 with a 17.3-inch screen,  running on a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H. and 8 GB of RAM definitely packs a punch! But like most gaming laptops, this model has alternate variations that can easily go up to 16 GB memory, so you can play all your favorite games!

For users who like to customize their laptops, the keyboard’s backlit LED lights colors can be hand picked for all four independent zones. If you’re easily distracted while working or gaming, the keyboards RGB lights can also be switched out of static and animated mode. The HP OMEN Command Center lets you go as far as changing the animation and assigning specific colors for it.

To conclude, the OMEN 17 is definitely a great bet as a laptop or PC replacement. This model is essentially a gaming PC in laptop format!

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3. HP 17.3″ HD+ Screen Laptop

The newest 2023 model of the HP 17.3″ has a wide range of variations. The model starts at 8 GB RAM with 256 GB storage and goes all the way up to 32 GB RAM with 2 TB storage. Which is undeniably a very big jump! The 17.3-inch LED screen and Ultra HD graphics compressor do as expected, providing crisp and clear images for gaming and more!

This laptop is definitely great bang for buck, with all aspects of the laptop being suitable for gaming, and photo and video editing. This new model is snappy and powerful; suited for your work and play needs.

No need to worry about having a hard time taking this machine around because it only weighs 5.40 pounds! Surprisingly light for it’s power.

This HP laptop is simple and sleek. This is sure to interest you if you’re not partial to the conventional look of gaming laptops and want something a little less in-you-face and more casual.

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