Our Favorite 3 Lenovo 15.6 Inch Laptops

Lenovo laptops are a great choice for users across the board – from the home user, the office commuter, and even the serious gamer. Most models incorporate an Intel Core i5-8265U Quad Core Processor, SSD and have a range of ports. Offering superior graphics, and designed to be stylish and functional, the Lenovo 15.6 is well worth considering.

With a durable chassis, they make the perfect machine for slinging in a backpack, or sedately sitting in the living room – versatility is the name of the game with Lenovo. But there are so many models available, it’s hard to choose the right machine that matches your requirements.

What to look for when buying a new 15.6” Lenovo laptop?

  • Processor: Lenovo laptops are usually produced with 2 GHz, and although this can be added to, for most users, it’s perfect
  • RAM: 4 GB is pretty standard with Lenovos, but extra RAM can be purchased separately and added if you feel it’s necessary. It may be that for heavy-duty gaming or movie nights, you may need more.  Extra RAM is inexpensive and easy to add on.
  • Battery life: the life of the battery is dependent on what you are running. Movie or game streaming, whilst sifting through social media and video calling a mate is going to rapidly drain even the best battery
  • SSD Hard drive: offering impressively fast loading, SSD drives use less energy overall, and tend to cope better with being carried around than the less popular HDD alternative.

These laptops can serve the needs of the average user, but keep most serious gamers satisfied too. We make sure we test every feature to the max, checking, and rechecking performance and functionality so that we only end up with the very best laptop.

1) Lenovo Thinkpad E590

The Lenovo ThinkPad is an iconic name for a reason. Trusted year after year, model after model, by students and professionals all over the world—this laptop stays on top. This specific model features an Intel Quad Core i5-8265U 1.6 GHz, and has all the simple and straight forward efficiency of Windows 10 OS, while bringing impressive graphics brought to you by the Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. This laptop is well worth considering for its reliability and price!

This laptop weighs only 4.7 pounds but packs a punch with power. The ThinkPad E590 is able to run software that is a little on the heavier and more complex side, but is still easy to bring around for remote work when needed!

Durable and built to last, with MIL-STD-810 G certification in strength. This laptop has proven it is ideal for productivity and portability, and will withstand more scuffs and bumps than the average laptop! The ThinkPad E590 is definitely worth its price!

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2) Lenovo Premium ThinkPad HD Laptop

The Lenovo 2023 premium flagship is perfect for running multiple applications at a time; allowing tremendously smooth sessions. This Premium ThinkPad is powered all the way with the Intel Core i5-8265U Quad Core Processor, Intel UHD Graphics 620, and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS. Offering a no-nonsense approach to work and a can-do attitude, this laptop is easy to use, straight forward, and sure to hit the mark! This laptop is built to match your resolute productivity with no playing around.

The 15.6-inch Ultra HD screen allows for maximum productivity with minimal eye strain whether that be for working, writing, watching, or anything else. The hard drive is upgraded to 256 GB SSD for faster speeds and storage for large files and software. Weighing 4.70 pound this laptop is easy to lug around when need be, for working in the office, school, or literally anywhere else!

ThinkPad is a name known to be trusted by workers and students all around the globe, for good reason. Powered up and easy to bring around, this laptop is ideal for daily usage of students and professionals!

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3) Lenovo Flex 2 in 1 Laptop

It shows that Lenovo has pulled out all the stops with this visual-conscious model. Watching movies in full HD, coupled with the wide-angled IPS touchscreen display that can be folded over to mimic a tablet, allows a fully and truly immersive experience.

Driven by the powerful 8th Gen Intel processor with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage it’s perfect for working and designing wherever you please. This model features the innovative Windows Ink, for annotating and writing, and also has an awesome 10-hour battery life meaning that this laptop is a designer’s dream.

The Flex 5 is 15.6-inches delivering vibrant visuals with ease. The laptop’s keyboard can be folded over for a full tablet mode, for writing, watching, annotating, and much more. Weighing only 4.40 pounds, this versatile convertible can accompany you wherever you chose to take it. The Flex 5 is the perfect partner for increasing and maximizing creativity and productivity!

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