Protect Your Laptop With Our Top 5 17 Inch Laptop Cases

One of the main factors that define a laptop is its portability, allowing working on the go, wherever and whenever you wish. However, this versatility comes with risks, and while most laptops can survive a few knocks and bumps, a laptop case really is a necessity.

With most cases, naturally, being size-specific, a 17’’ laptop case should fit your larger laptop perfectly. However, what else should you look for in a good laptop case?

What to look for when buying a new 17’’ laptop case?

  • Durability: The material must be hard-wearing, and the case should have reinforced corners and double stitching.
  • Weather resistance: The laptop case should have the ability to survive a rainstorm, keeping the contents completely dry and protected
  • Security: There should be options to attach a padlock, or locks incorporated into the case design.
  • Comfort: The case must be comfortable to carry without being unwieldy
  • Value for money: When the factors are evaluated against the price tag, this produces an accurate balance expressed as value for money.

These laptop cases have come through our rigorous challenges unscathed and therefore are our recommended 17’’ laptop cases. Please, feel free to have a look through. We know you’ll find your perfect case.

1) Slim Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

Super stylish, this laptop sleeve from Ytonet incorporates waterproof fabric, providing a sleek streamlined look, which actually hides a highly protective three-layer system.  This keeps your laptop safe and damage-free no matter what life throws your way. A detachable shoulder strap allows you to store it away whenever you wish, and the handles are removable too, leaving you with an attractively cool sleeve. It also has multifunctional pockets for carrying accessories for your laptop, mobile devices, memory cards, flash drives, personal effects, and so on, protecting them from dust, bumps, and scratches. It can carry the vast majority of laptops in the market, and it includes an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you comfortably carry this laptop case easily with you.

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2) Slim Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Bag

With a multi pocket design, this laptop bag keeps everything safe, protected from rain, and easily portable. The well-padded shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can be removed for a more streamlined look. It has 360-degree protection for your laptop, with its outer layer made of premium Oxford fabric that is durable, dust-proof, and water-resistant. The inner lining is a thick soft velvet that protects laptop and other contents from bumps, scratches, and inadvertent shock that may cause damage. The main pocket holds your laptop, while the other compartments hold your power cables, data and charging cables, mouse, other peripherals, mobile devices and other gadgets, memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives, and so on.

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3) Diamond Design Laptop Sleeve

Wiwu have thoughtfully incorporated an innovative corner protection system; this coupled with the stylishly quilted outer sleeve, stuffed with Impact foam, offers all round protection. The Super Corner Protection and ridges give it additional shock-absorbing strength to make sure the contents stay intact. The laptop sleeve and zipper closure have been designed to be snug and secure so that nothign slips out, gets bumped hard, or shakes inside. And yet, it is really easy to slip in and take out your laptop whenever you want, making it convenient for working on the go. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and undoubtedly cool, this laptop case is well worth considering.

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4) Amazon Basics Black Laptop Bag

Slim and compact, yet offering superior protective qualities, this bag from Amazon has pockets for everything without adding any bulk to its outward appearance. Secure and comfortably padded straps, a reliable heavy duty zipper, and scratch-resistant fabric add up to a great bag for your larger laptop. It has additional pockets for accessories, cables, peripherals, mobile devices, external storage, and so on. Other than that, it does not have overcomplicated features or extra compartments you will most likely never use. It is just a simple case for carrying laptops up to 17.3 inches with no fuss or excessive bulge that you will definitely grow to love.

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5) Large Business Briefcase and Laptop Bag

Unashamedly professional, Taygeer’s addition to the laptop bag market is designed to be more briefcase than slim, figure hugging laptop case. The multi-functional zippered compartments mean you’ve got plenty of room for peripheries, cell, pens and more. The main padded compartment is expandable, so you can slip in your laptop easily and securely, whatever size it may be from 13 inches to 17.3 inches. The adjustable shoulder strap can be attached easily and can also be used to tightly strap it to rolling luggage. When you carry it on your shoulder, the weight is evenly distributed, and unnoticeable – all in all, a great design.

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