Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor?

Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor?
Yes, and it’s simple!

Multi monitor systems are becoming increasingly popular as a means to expand your screen real estate, boosting productivity, whilst allowing your movie adventures to become a boosted all immersive experience, and expanding your gameplay beyond any previous scope.

How do I connect my laptop to my monitor?

If you wish to use your laptop as a primary, or secondary monitor, there are several steps to achieving this. This method also allows you to use extend your screen size by using both monitor and laptop side by side.

You’ll require the latest versions of Windows 10 on both machines, and Microsoft’s Miracast technology is what makes this process so simple, quick and cable-free.

1. First, you’ll need to enable your laptop

    • Open settings > system > projecting to this PC
    • From here you can select your security settings
    • Notice the name at the bottom of the settings window. You’ll need this to connect

2. Connect to your desktop

    • On the machine you wish to use as your main device, go to
    • Windows Key+P
    • Select screen display
    • If you want your laptop to be a second screen, choose extend
    • If you want your laptop to show the same as your main monitor, choose duplicate
    • To only use the laptop and not be able to see the original monitor, choose second screen only
    • You’ll now see the name of the machine to connect
    • Approve the action and away you go
    • Don’t forget to disconnect when you’ve finished.

Compatibility issues

If you experience issues with compatibility while using Miracast, this could be down to your graphics card. Designed to run with Intel HD graphics, it doesn’t like dedicated cards. If this is the case, download a third party app, such as SpaceDesk, following the onscreen instructions.

This video comprehensively covers turning your laptop into a monitor:

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