The Lowdown On The Top 3 HP 17 Inch Laptops – Best For Business Use

It used to be the case that the more power offered by a laptop, the larger and more expensive it was; this has all changed, and now you can buy a decently heavy-duty laptop for an affordable price. Neither big nor bulky, today’s 17’’ models are just as lightweight as the smaller sizes and offer as much power as the larger CPUs – perfect for powerful business programs, performance-hungry games, and much more.

American company HP, also known as Hewlett–Packard, founded more than 80 years ago, has been at the top of the tech game for decades. Renowned for manufacturing solidly reliable machines at affordable prices, HP always features highly on performance ratings.

However, as the market can be confusing with new tech appearing all the time, what should you look for when buying a 17’’ HP laptop?

  • Processor: processor speed is measured in gigahertz – GHz. The higher this is, the more powerful the processor. In order to avoid finger tapping loading times, you should really be looking at at least 2GHz
  • RAM: most users can get by with 4GB of RAM. But many machines now come with 8 or 16 RAM, and this is more than enough for current and future applications
  • Battery life: this is dependant on the way you use your laptop – working on the move can use up the battery, as can gaming on the go
  • SSD vs HDD: a Solid State hard drive suits most users perfectly, delivering fast load times for programs, applications, and movies. SSDs are also lighter, more durable, and use less energy, keeping the computer cooler for longer
  • Graphics card: most HP laptops use a hybrid integrated/dedicated card combo, which provides a very effective and immersive visual experience

So, if you’re after a new 17’’ laptop, these models from HP would fit the bill perfectly, and we stand by our top choices – have a look:

1) HP Envy 2020 Full HD Touch

The HP Envy is definitely a hard hitter with it’s whopping 17.3″ inch full HD touch screen and Intel Core i5-10210U processor.  The base model comes with 8 GB of RAM, a decent amount for working and browsing the web.

But like most HP laptops, you have the choice to upgrade the processor and memory if you’re willing to shell out a little more. The HP Envy 2020  is available in variations that go all the way up to an Intel Core i7-10510U processor and has 16 GB of RAM, if you’re someone who needs more power or runs more demanding programs.

The HP Envy, at its base model, is equipped with 1 TB of storage space for files and programs. Capable of running photo editing and video editing software this may be a good for artists, freelancers, and video editors who need a large, vivid, and color accurate display. With that being said, this machine is more than capable of doing everyday tasks like surfing the web, typing up documents, and watching movies.

If you’re looking for a powerful 17″ laptop, this is definitely an option to take into consideration.

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2) HP 17.3″ HD+ Flagship Home & Business Laptop

The HP 17.3″ Home and Business Laptop is exactly what it is marketed to be—a home and business laptop. Equipped with a 10th Gen Intel 4-Core 15-1035G1 and 8 GB RAM, the laptop is more than capable of handling your office and home needs. The available memory variations span all the way from 8 GB RAM to a hefty 32 GB RAM if you have to run programs that are a little bit on the heavier and more demanding side.

Despite its large size the laptop still looks sleek and isn’t at all too heavy. Most 17″ laptops weigh in at an average of about 5.7 lbs, but this model is a tad bit lighter, only weighing 5.4 lbs. This difference in weight might be appealing to users who have to lug their laptop around everyday, but can’t skimp out on power, operation, or display.

The Full HD screen is definitely an added bonus for working, but especially for casual home use like reading articles, viewing photos, and watching videos or movies.

All these features definitely help the laptop live up to its brand of being a “Home and Business” machine.

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3) Flagship HP 17 Laptop Business Laptop

The Flagship HP 17 Laptop, like the 17.3″ Flagship model we just touched on, is equipped with a 10th Gen Intel 4-Core 15-1035G1 and 8 GB RAM. Like the last model we talked about, the memory can also be upgraded up to 32 RAM, along with other improvements in its storage and processor.

With the laptops size, weight and power, it is definitely capable of replacing a desktop computer for that extra portability. The base model’s 1 TB storage definitely contributes to the speed of the laptop (as well as the appeal!)

As this laptop is marketed to be, it is definitely ideal for work, the 17.3″ screen make it easy to read emails and articles without the need to zoom in. The laptop is snappy and fast from start up to shut down. Everything you need in your ideal work computer!

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