Our Top 10 HP Docking Stations

Having a decent docking station is a necessary part of your laptop arsenal – after all, laptops are designed to be portable, and in order to work anywhere, you need to have the ability to charge. HP docking stations frequently offer multi-device charging, allowing you to charge laptop, smartphone and more, at once.

We have a range of models available, from the mighty Thunderbolt 3, to the diminutive mobile device, but unless you know exactly what you need, it can be a confusing world out there.

What to Look For in an HP Docking Station

Instant Connectivity? When time is of the essence, or even when it’s not, this is an important factor
Can the docking station double up as a laptop stand?
If mobile, does it offer shock absorption features?
Are anti-theft measures incorporated?
Is the cable an acceptable bandwidth?

Because we’ve checked out these factors, and more, for you, you don’t need to worry – go ahead and browse in confidence, sure in the knowledge that the perfect HP docking station is right here.

1) HP USB-C Docking Station


Another sleek and stylish portable dock is the HP USB-C Dock G4 Docking Station. It comes with an HDMI port, 2 Display Ports. It is perfect for Elitebook 830 G5, 840 G5, Chromebook 14 G5, and other USB C devices, laptops, and notebooks that do not have enough ports to be used with dual or even triple display. What is great about this is it is extremely compact and it comes in a sleek black body. Stash this in your wire and accessories bag so you will never forget it when you travel with your laptop and maximize your productivity wherever you go.

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2) HP Ultraslim Docking Station


Docking stations can be expensive especially if it is made of quality and durable materials and offers great functionality. You may opt to buy a refurbished dock station like the HP UltraSlim Docking Station D9Y32AA#ABA. Enjoy its premium features with less the price. Perfect for slim laptops, this ultraslim dock is sleek and stylish, and very functional. It has 2 x DisplayPort and 1 x VGA for external display, 4 x USB 3.0 ports that offer fast data transfer, 1x LAN/Ethernet port for stable internet connection, and 1 x Line-in and 1 x Line out. Bring this with you wherever you go.

3) USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station


If you are working at home and you want to upgrade and expand your work station, you might want to get a desktop PC or a cheaper alternative is to utilize your laptop with a connected bigger external display. Get the Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station for dual monitor. It allows you to connect several accessories all at once and maximize the functionality of your laptop. It has wired Gigabit Ethernet, dual video outputs, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone jacks. It is the perfect stationary dock for your home work station.

4) HP Ultraslim Docking Station


If you got a slim laptop, the last thing you want to carry is a bulky travel dock that will defeat the purpose of buying a sleek device. The HP D9Y32 UltraSlim Docking Station G2 is truly an ultraslim dock that is sleek and stylish just as much as it is functional. It boasts 4 x USB 3.0 ports that offer fast data transfer, 2 x DisplayPort and 1 x VGA for projectors and TVs, 1x LAN/Ethernet port, and 1 x Line in and 1 x Line out.

5) HP USB-C Dock G5


The HP USB-C Travel Dock is your travel buddy. It allows you to maximize your productivity at home, school, office, or even while traveling leisurely. It is small and can easily be stashed inside your purse so you will never forget to bring it with you. We recommend getting several of this for all your bag. It is a nice port that does the job of providing convenient connectivity ports and portability that you love with your notebook or laptop. It comes in a minimalist, sleek black body that is sturdy and compact while you enjoy its 5 functional ports.

6) HP 90W Docking Station


If you own any of the following devices then we recommend an efficient docking station for your home use: HP EliteBook 8xxx w Series Mobile Workstations, HP EliteBook 8xxx p Series Notebook PCs, and HP ProBook b-Series Notebook PCs. If you are frustrated with the lack of ports of the devices above then we recommend the Hewlett Packard HP A7E32 90W Docking Station U.S. It is a stationary dock that is quite heavy and bulky but for a reason. It allows you to have a pre-wired, fixed setup so you do not have to plugin and unplugging every time you need to use the laptop.

7) HP Smart Buy TB Docking Station


If you own plenty of devices that need a little help in the connectivity department then look no further. The HP 3YE87UT#ABA Smart Buy TB Dock is the perfect dock for someone who owns a variety of devices that lacks ports for connecting to other devices and accessories. It is a great dock that is suitable for home use because it is quite bulky and not really recommended for travel. What is great about this is it is compatible not just with HP devices but all USB C devices. Connect your TV, projector, video camera, chargers, and phones in one stationary dock.

8) HP Spectre Travel Dock


Do you love the versatility and portability of your HP notebook but hate how it lacks your usual ports to connect your USB and other devices such as an external display? The solution to that is to get a travel dock that will let you enjoy the familiar ports for functionality and convenience. The HP Spectre USB-C Travel Dock is great for HP notebooks that lack the ports you are used to. It looks sleek and beautiful so you can hang it with your other device accessories especially it comes with a USB C connector that doubles as a convenient strap.

9) HP USB-C Travel Dock


Maximize the portability and utility of your HP laptops with the HP USB-C Travel Dock that has 5 ports that are necessary for everyday use. Connect your external display devices such as TVs and projectors with its HDMI and VGA ports. Did you know that you can also use the HDMI port to connect video capture devices such as DSLR cameras to improve your video conferencing quality? If you are interested in trying that out get this dock. It also comes with 2 USB ports and a reliable ethernet cable for wired internet usage which provides a more stable connection.

10) HP USM-C Mini Docking Station


The HP USB-C Mini Docking Station US is a great portable and sleek device that you can carry anywhere you go. Connect all your accessories such as external display, ethernet port, and other USB C devices to your laptop aside from your charger. It is small and pocketable so you will not forget to bring it with you. Maximize your productivity with your HP compatible devices: HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2; HP x2 612 G2 tablet; HP EliteBook folio G1; HP x2 1012 G2 tablet; HP Pro Book 470 G5; HP Pro Book 450 G5; HP Pro Book 440 G5; HP Pro Book 430 G5; HP EliteBook x360, to name a few.

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