Our Top 10 HP Docking Stations


Having a decent docking station is a necessary part of your laptop arsenal – after all, laptops are designed to be portable, and in order to work anywhere, you need to have the ability to charge. HP docking stations frequently offer multi-device charging, allowing you to charge laptop, smartphone and more, at once.

We have a range of models available, from the mighty Thunderbolt 3, to the diminutive mobile device, but unless you know exactly what you need, it can be a confusing world out there.

What to Look For in an HP Docking Station

Instant Connectivity? When time is of the essence, or even when it’s not, this is an important factor
Can the docking station double up as a laptop stand?
If mobile, does it offer shock absorption features?
Are anti-theft measures incorporated?
Is the cable an acceptable bandwidth?

Because we’ve checked out these factors, and more, for you, you don’t need to worry – go ahead and browse in confidence, sure in the knowledge that the perfect HP docking station is right here.

1) HP USB-C Docking Station


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2) HP Ultraslim Docking Station


3) USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station


4) HP Ultraslim Docking Station


5) HP Thunderbolt Docking Station with HDMI Adapter


6) HP 90W Docking Station


7) HP Smart Buy TB Docking Station


8) HP Spectre Travel Dock


9) HP USB-C Travel Dock


10) HP USM-C Mini Docking Station


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