Best Time To Buy A Laptop?

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

We all know that heart sinking feeling when our laptop fails to boot, or just dies on us in the middle of something big. We switch it off, and, with everything crossed, switch it back on again. Nothing. We switch it off at the socket, wait the required minute, and then try again. Still nothing.

If you need a new laptop because your existing machine has given up the ghost, there is no best time – there is only now. You need a new laptop now, not tomorrow, not next week – now.

Laptop Den can help with that by providing a range of laptops, from budget friendly upwards. We’ve trialled and tested each machine for quality, durability, performance and more, so you can look through our recommended lists to find the perfect replacement, have it delivered straight to your door, and pick up where you left off.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve decided, at leisure, to get a new laptop. If your old one just isn’t up to the demands anymore, or you want to play a new, super powerful game, if you’ve started a new job, or college course. Whatever the reason, you’ve made up your mind to take the plunge and get a new machine, but you want to pick the optimum time to do so.

When is the best time to buy a new laptop?

According to, spring is the ideal time to start looking around for the best laptop deals. They also suggest that there are good bargains to be had during the holidays and the traditional back to school season.

Going one step further, explains that it’s a good idea to look out for manufacturer’s announcements regarding new releases, before seeking out the deals on the previous model, which will still be perfectly acceptable, and chances are, only a quarter of a step down from the fresh-on-the-market machine.

Most of the big name manufacturers schedule up to three releases a year – the exception to the rule being Apple with one, and these tend to be focused around the spring break, the holiday season, with Black Friday in the middle, and the back to school shopping period.

However, this can get confusing as the main time to update and refresh the laptop model, as opposed to merely releasing a different design, often coincides with Intel’s CPU release dates, which can be as frequent as once a year, or nothing for two plus years.

Laptop Den’s prices are all individually checked to ensure each model is offering the best possible value for money. So you can browse our featured machines, sure in the knowledge that we only show you the best products.

With us on your side, there is no wrong time to buy a new laptop.

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